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Triple Threat Grant

Collaboration to Improve Blood Pressure in the US Black Belt

            – Addressing the Triple Threat


The SEAAHEC serves as a community partner with East Carolina University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Weill Cornell Medical College to assist individuals living with hypertension in the Alabama “Black Belt” - to better manage their disease. 

The project utilizes Practice Facilitation (PF), Peer Coaching (PC), and a combination of both strategies: PF and PC simultaneously to improve Blood Pressure control in primary care practices serving rural patients in Southeast Alabama faced with the Triple Threat: African Americans with low socioeconomic status living in the "Black Belt."

Representing the Practice Facilitation arm of the study, the SEAAHEC provides a certified health professional who regularly visits and communicates with active practices. As a Practice Facilitator, the SEAAHEC staff provides support in change management by targeting overall improvements in the delivery of patient care.  

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