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Alabama's Health in 2018

Recently, the United Health Foundation distributed their 2018 edition of America’s Health Rankings, and Alabama’s score card remains grim. The report reviewed determinants of health v health outcomes, and Alabama’s standing continues to demand the need for change. Here are a few of the most startling results:

Mental Health Providers: Alabama has the lowest concentration of any state

Overall Health Rankings: Alabama ranks 48/50

Obesity: Alabama is one of 23 states with significant increase or no significant change

between 2012-2018

Drug Deaths: Alabama is one of 31 states with significant increase or no significant change between 2015-2018

Discovery MedCamp 2018 participants

Additionally, the study noted the effect of education on healthy lifestyles: “Education is a strong predictor of health outcomes and gaps in educational attainment are a strong predictor of health disparities.” [1]

Working to eliminate those gaps, all five regional Centers in the Alabama Statewide AHEC Program provide health career training and summer camp programs to help raise awareness among high school students. In addition, all Centers work with post-secondary health professions students to facilitate clinical training opportunities and a new program: AHEC Scholars to create career-ready graduates proficient in team-based, patient care.

Each Center is intentionally committed to improving access to healthcare in the state by expanding the health-care workforce and equalizing distribution of providers in rural and under served areas. For more information and to help make a difference in the overall health of Alabama, contact the Southeast Alabama AHEC staff @ 334.676.4180 or visit

The Southeast Alabama AHEC is located in Montgomery, AL and one of the five regional centers of the Alabama Statewide AHEC Program.

[1] Health Equity, (2018), America’s Health Rankings: United Health Foundation, p. 43. Retrieved from

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